"Our Science and Strengths Explained, and the Ugly Truth of the Hair Extensions Market, Grasp and Comprehend all You Can, You Will Not Find It Elsewhere"


Cuticle Works, When Beauty Fails

Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese etc, are masters of art of cheating and disguise. They have been telling "sweet stories" and selling the largest loads of garbage hair on the planet. These are the same people selling numerous fake and deceptive products, in the entire western market. Furthermore, The cleverly well marketed, beautifully worked brands, supply the same garbage Chinese hair, thereby severely damaging the essence and the fabric of human trust. This is how the hustle starts from the east and the western marketers just add their talent to it!

Other side of range, are the early starters, who are "greatly" expensive- mainly the Italian manufacturers. The real gold is the REMY HAIR, which they buy from US and then sell you 30 times of what they pay for raw hair in India. Something same is done by the Russian hair sellers who are for no reason taking over priced donations from Russia and selling so expensive.

It is a real SHAME how the hair extensions market is working and how it has been manuplated by these people.

We Will Handle It all from Here as have Been Doing from Past 8 Years, and Continue to Do It Ahead.

Indian Hair, Genetic Match for Caucasian Market, Due to Our Aryan Race Ancestors

Indian hair has the SAME cuticle thickness and size, as the European and American Caucasian people. Our cuticle matches the most with Italians, German and Greeks, due to our development from the Harapas and Mayan civilization, which are also called the "ARYAN" race. The cuticle match means that the thickness and the natural shine, is a perfect match, that goes UNNOTICED, if you are wearing any extensions. THIS is the REAL value and NOT putting 200 grams hair in your head and making it heavy and fluffy. ADDITIONAL value, or the real value in the LAST few inches that add the MOST volume and length. THIS integration of all the points is what leads the PERFECTION, which we are DEDICATED to.

On the other side, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian hair etc have MUCH thicker and coarser cuticle, due to their MONGOLIAN ancentors. These "masters" of disguise manufacturers "ACID PROCESS" the hair, to make it thinner and smooth looking, and lure the caucasian clients. The cuticle of this quality hair is almost gone and it will have a TOO much shinny appearance. After few washes this hair will tangle, matt and not even role with flat iron. WE DONOT DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS. Indian hair ratio, it's look and feel, it's volume and lightness with effective results, is UNMATCHABLE by any other hair on this planet or any other.

Processing Genuis (industrial Science + Salon Science)

Lightning of the hair melanin, WITHOUT harming the hair cuticle, and then permanent deep pigmentation, IS the processing Genius that we are dedicated to.

Eastern manufacturers boast of "Korean" bleaching which uses harsh 12% above hydrogen peroxides and ammonia; is the POOREST in the market. It solves the problem of thicker Chinese/ Vietnamese hair, while meanwhile also getting the lights shades, but damages the hair cuticle as well as inside layers also.

If you notice the thickness difference in their hair, between their 1b and the 613 shade, they will considerable different from each other. This poorly bleached hair, will last only 2 or 3 months, creating lot of matting and tangling issues too. If you wash the blonde shade of this hair, it will become puffy on drying. Puffiness is directly proportional to the cuticle damage the hair has suffered, often due to harsh bleaching and too high PH of the bleaching medium. Due the cuticle damage, the exposed inside layers of the hair, directly absorb water instantly, becoming puffy even after drying. This type hair the worst hair in the market and you must be very careful; specially in the blonde shades.

WHEN you try OUR Indian virgin hair, or the 613 shade , their is NO puffiness. The FRICTION upwards in the hair ( test with your finger) will be the SAME and EQUAL, in any shades that you try. This is our processing genius.Poorly bleached hair specially from countries like China, Vietnam Combodia etc, is a lot like plastic wire, smooth both side. That's we suggest to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS, understand the science, test yourself and then take the steps ahead.

Our Knowledge from Centuries, No Bed Time Stories

Due to our own factories is "Kashmir" not "Cashmere", we are masters of decoloration and pigmentation of any keratin protein, be it wool, pashmina wool, human fibre or ANY other keratin fibre. The pashmina wool (same as cashmere wool) has the same industrial process( with few differences) as of human fibre. Our workers have been doing the work on "cashmere" for generations and since 2008, we have been implementing this on human hair too, with permanent pigmentation results; and hair lasting more than 2 years. Our hair has the highest cuticle, with above 95% in the colour 613, as compared to 100% in our virgin hair. We have tested it with Biomtech machines as done by our Russian hair buyers also, and " curious" clients are MOST welcome to come and see at our office.

Pay More to Charity, But Not to the Less in Quality

Many hair users have been talking regarding "SALVIC hair" or the "RUSSIAN hair" . Most of these hair shop companies, supply Chinese or Indian Hair. Salvic hair is too expensive; not due to quality, but due "higher" cost of donations. It is just wastage of your money when we can provide better product, at prices reflecting the labour oriented country costs.

Our hair donation costs are very less compared to Russian hair and yet the quality is far better than brittle and flimsy Russian hair. Salvic hair comes majorly in dark shades and mid light shades. Most of it is bleached ATLEAST once, to get the 613 shade, since lightest shades are not available in it. If the hair being " unprocessed" is why you pay SO high, then we process the hair only once too. We slightly bleach( without cuticle damage) and later pigmenting it to lift it to lighter shades. Competitively at the virgin hair stage, Indian hair is far better than thin, brittle and fragile Salvic hair. Indian hair has much much much more elasticity, far better tensile strength, and the overall quality, is MUCH higher. The Indian donors eat regular high coconut oil food, due to which the hair is very high in nutrition content, no wonder why the top of the game manufacturers; use ONLY Indian hair.

In simple words, our virgin hair+ only one bleaching cycle( for blondes only)+pigmentation process = Best Hair in the market.

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