Our Advantages

Advance Payments and Timely Delivery

You can pay your 70% advance upfront, and rest 30% after the full production. Your money is in safe hands, safer than the safest vaults; nothing to worry.

50,000 USD to 100,000 USD is our standard ballpark for our regular clients. Our usual orders start from 5000 USD to 30,000 USD a time. Less than this is not lucrative enough for us, as we remain very busy with existing clientele.

Full Clarity and Exact Supply

We have Full Clarity, Full Honesty and then full dedication on what we show, what we say and we deliver. Hair extensions, is the most UREGULATED markets in the world. Furthermore, due to the incomplete testing knowledge of the clients, the BAD ( bad guys) manufacturers are encouraged even more. This spoils the name of the entire market, cost of which "buffoonery", is born by the ENTIRE extensions market.

Perfection At Once, No Mediocrity

Perfection is achieved by perfecting the "small" things and yet, perfection is NOT a small thing. From our raw hair quality, to depigmentation and pigmentation science, gluing, wefting and bonding process, ratios of double drawn, production time, delivery time and EVERYTHING ; is METICULOUSLY perfected.

Customisation and Private Labeling

For 50kg plus one time purchase, we can do "Private Labeling", but can supply only in those areas, where our distributors do not supply. You can also hire our designers and decide your packaging, and work accordingly.

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