What is the Minimum Purchase Requirement ?
Trial orders can be taken in the colors and lengths available. We keep stock in few shades for wholesale clients to try first. All ahead wholesale orders, will be as as per MOQ Guidelines.

What Kind of Support Material Do You Give Me ?
If you are our Distributor, we will give all the marketing and advertising material we can. If you are a wholesale client, we will give you our basic brochures and all other products and service information too. Prices as per your regions can be requested by sending a wholesale inquiry.

Minimum Purchase Order is 2500 ?
The minimum order size for getting wholesale prices, is at least 5 kg plus a time. MOQ has to be 1 kg plus, per length and per colour.

Will You Give Me Regional Exclusivity ?
We have exclusivity for our distributors OR Private Labeling Brands. If you have a very high volume distribution with us, in time we can discuss and plan ahead.

I Just Started My Business Can I Apply ?
Yes sure, you can start with one extensions method that to do best. You can order your stock by getting wholesale price. Gradually you can build your volume ahead overtime.

What Will Be My Discount ?
We have no discount for small orders till 20 kg. For high volume orders crossing 50 kg, we have standard discount structures, that can be discussed on individual basis.

Looking for Product Name ?