Perfection At Once, No Mediocrity

Our Distributors / Private Labeling brands, hold one time stock ranging USD 25,000 to USD 3,000,000. Investment varies based on the distributor type, demand and the reorder time.

This is NOT the class of business where anyone can just fill an "online" form, just like other hair extensions "brands". For that, we have our wholesale section, which can be availed by anyone looking to start wholesale business with us, as per MOQ guidelines.

We have exclusivity for our Distributors due to large up front investment size. They sell direct to the salons and other high-end stylist, including retail hair locations. We are among the leaders in the hair extension science, with very friendly approach and yet strict, high standards for selecting our distributors and partner brands.

What We are Looking for Is

  • INVESTING power and strong credit lending ability, with banks and other financial agencies.
  • Distribution connections and STRONG presence/collaboration in the salons. stylists and retailers.
  • Strong marketing, persuasion and negotiating skills, by demonstrating your earlier work and successful projects.
  • NO exclusivity to any product lines and regions. Contract for exclusivity will be discussed, after 6 months of business, after 4 to 5 reorders ONLY.
  • We expect the good comprehension and understanding, of the smallest to the biggest business issues; being the prime qualities we look in the people we work with.

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